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Jonathan Gaytan


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About Me

I'm currently a Computer Science student at Texas A&M University who's dedicated to sharing my coding knowledge and experience with younger peers. My goal is to create inclusive software that empowers people of all backgrounds. As the Director of Technical Affairs for TAMU SHPE, I provide committee members with technical experience through projects such as a Personal Website, Point Automation System, Organisation Website, and much more.


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

As the Mobile App Lead, I have implemented an automated points system that ranks members based off their involvement in the organization and has reduced the work of our secretaries by more than 80%. My main role however is to mentor a group of beginner and intermediate members on our journey to develop a mobile application that centralizes all technical and social resources for SHPE.

Tamu Engineering
Engineering Peer Teacher

As an Engineering Peer Teacher, I have collaborated with 6 professors to ensure that students are well prepared to use Python in their engineering career. I've had to develop numerous was to communicate high level concepts to students with little to no experience in programming. Having reviewed and graded hundreds of projects, I’ve diversified my approach to certain coding problems.



Strimi is a new way to discover and explore new music, movies, and tv shows. This platform allows users to freely express their opinions and preferences with friends through the use of reviews, likes, and dislikes. Users are provided with relevent information such as movie trailers, descriptions, and Spotify links to stream music. Strimi began as a class project, but after developing a passion, my team and I continue to improve the design and functionality on our free time.


LearnPy is an iOS app I’m working on with the goal of providing beginner coders a free resource to learn Python. Through a well-structured curriculum, students will be provided interactive learning material including reading lessons, quizzes, and coding challenges that keep them engaged at home or on the go.

Point Automation System

As a summer project I created a point automation system that was implemented into a preexisting method that used Google Sheets. I utilized Google App Scripts and created a system that would read student data from event forms and add it to a monthly sheet that has their points from events of that month. Members are also added to a master point sheet where their overall points are displayed from all months. New members are sent custom/automated emails with information about the organization. More than 90% of the entire process is automated reducing the work of our Secretary Committee by up to 84%.


I recently started working on a mobile app for TAMU SHPE that will provide a virtual community for all members. The app will allow students to sign up for events, view photos from past events, view statistics of their points, and interact with each other. So far, I have implemented a LogIn and SignUp system/UI that utilizes Firebase to authenticate users.

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